Chicken Kiev

Breaded chicken breast filled with seasoned butter - served with thing  fry  potatoes    15.95

Chicken Tabaka

Tenderized, marinated and grilled cornish game hen - served with fresh vegetables and garlic sauce      16.95

Beef Stroganoff

Beef tenderloin strips sautéed in onion sauce, mushrooms and sour cream - served with fresh mush  potatoes or 3 cheese fry potatoes with garlic or buckwheat      16.95

Langyet Steak

Russian-style steak topped with sautéed onions - served with potatoes and

fresh vegetables         16.95

Calf Liver

Sautéed with sour cream and onion  - served with potatoes  or buckwheat and braised cabbage     16.95


Skewered marinated pork,  beef or lamb cooked on the grill - served with house sauce and fresh  vegetables    15.95

Hungarian Goulash

Pork loin slowly cooked with vegetables and Hungarian spices - served with potatoes and braised cabbage         14.95

Viennese Schnitzel

Tenderized pork loin, lightly breaded - served with potatoes and braised cabbage          14.95


Marinated Salmon filet baked with vegetables - served with homestyle mush potatoes

or steamed rice        16.95

Cat Fish

Pan fry Cat Fish fillet - served with mush potatoes or steamed rice        17.95

Side Dishes


French Fries 3.95 

Homestyle Potatoes 4.25 

Vegetables 4.25

Mashed Potatoes 3.95 

Steamed Rice 3.95